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Adding Quality to Life

Our Services

  • Specialist review in our consulting rooms at Deakin
  • Home visits
  • Nursing Home visits
  • Facilitation of admission to Private Hospitals (if privately insured)

Our Focus

  • Comprehensive Geriatric Assessment
  • Assessment of Cognitive Impairment/ Dementia
  • Falls risk assessment and fracture prevention
  • Polypharmacy Management
  • Assessment of Capacity to make decisions
  • Management of Parkinson’s Disease in the elderly


  • Ours is a Specialist Consultative Service and we will require a valid referral from a General Practitioner or another Specialist
  • An out-of-pocket expense may be charged
  • Bulk Billing is offered to Veterans with DVA Gold Card
  • Bulk Billing may also be offered to pensioners, on request